Vite makes your Remix dev productivity 10x in SaasRock v0.9.4

Vite makes your Remix dev productivity 10x in SaasRock v0.9.4

Migrating to Remix v2 was a great choice since now we can use the latest releases of everything: React 18, Tremor Charts, and now Vite!

Vite is now supported in SaasRock 0.9.4! Read the changelog here.

Vite ⚡

The Developer Experience keeps getting better! It's so fast, that I managed to start and launch a simple MVP (to generate MVP ideas) in 4 days.

Before, any file change took around 7-12 seconds to refresh. Now it's instant! Keep in mind that I use an 8GB Macbook Pro, 2020, so your DX could be slower or faster, but vite dev it's 10x faster than the previous remix dev!

Watch the demo here.


Dynamic Currency

Now you can create a feature flag named "currency" and add custom filters to target a specific audience and set their default displayed currency. For example:

  • Language is Spanish? Set currency to MXN

  • Country is France? Set currency to EUR

Watch the demo here.


Quarterly Pricing

In SaasRock 0.9.4 Enterprise edition, you can now create pricing plans with Quarterly and/or Semi-Annual prices.

And of course, saasrock pricing is now reflecting that.


Other Subscription Improvements

Subscription Features Badge
For example, add a "New!" badge on any feature:


New Set Pricing Features page
Update features for selected plans instead of manually updating them one by one:


Other Closed Issues

  • Optimize the loading of api logs #339

  • Hardcoded FAQ values #334

See the roadmap here.

What's Next?

Based on the latest poll, I think I'll modularize every feature or add shadcn-ui:


Let me know what you think!

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