How I built a SaaS in 10 days using my boilerplate

How I built a SaaS in 10 days using my boilerplate

Last month's goal was to build in public an actual SaaS to validate SaasRock as a production-ready SaaS starter, and to launch my own SaaS

Last month's goal was to build in public an actual SaaS for 2 reasons:

The problem

In Mexico, there are already a lot of invoicing platforms (QuickBooks, CONTPAQi, Aspel…), but none are simple and robust at the same time, and there's not a single platform that offers taxpayers the service to generate invoices for their receipts.

The solution

I called it, like, but with Factura (Invoice in Spanish). It has 2 main features:

  • Forward all your invoices to
  • Submit your receipts and we'll generate the invoice for you

With these 2 features, the headline became: - The only platform you need to request and receive invoices.

How I built it

I documented my journey in a youtube series called "Building a SaaS with SaasRock". Here's the summary of each video, or click here to view them all.

The code

Up to day 7, the code is available for SaasRock Enterprise subscribers.

The end result

Landing page

I need to communicate that with this platform, you could Request and Receive invoices, hence the emphasis:

Landing page


3 blocks here:

  • Summary: All my XMLs, Receipts, and Invoices (from 30 days to date).
  • Receipts: Stats by workflow state (Pending, Invalid, or Processed).
  • XMLs: The SaaS is around XMLs, so it makes sense to show the last 10.


My Receipts

Using SaasRock's Entity Builder I created 3 views:

  • Pending: A table of pending receipts
  • All: A table of all receipts
  • Photos: A grid of all receipt photos

My Receipts


XMLs can be created:

  • Manually: User uploads an .xml file
  • Email: Send or forward emails with .xml files to
  • Sync: By adding a Taxpayer Credential (see My Invoices).


My Invoices

If a user uploaded their Taxpayer Credential, I sync their invoices with the SAT.WS API:

My Invoices

My Emails

SaasRock comes with an out-of-the-box inbound emails feature, I use it to create XML Entity Rows if there are attachments of type .xml and .pdf.

My Emails

My Subscription (prices in MXN)

The business model is simple:

  • Test: A freemium plan to test all the main features
  • Essential: For small companies
  • Business: For medium/large companies

My Subscription

What's Next for SaasRock?

Right now I have post-launch depression, where I don't know what I'm going to do next 🤣. But I have written down some ideas:

What's Next for SaasRock

Let me know what you think 😀!

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