SaasRock Pre-launch - Entity Builder, Per-seat plans, and Docs

SaasRock Pre-launch - Entity Builder, Per-seat plans, and Docs

Custom Entities with Autogenerated Views/Forms and API. Integrate with other apps using Webhooks. Added the PER_SEAT pricing model. Added /documentati

SaasRock - May 2022 Update

What is SaasRock?

Previously Remix SaaS kit.

A multi-tenant framework with out-of-the-box SaaS features, powered by Remix 💿, Tailwind CSS, and Prisma.

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Pre-launch 🚀

SaasRock is on pre-launch, meaning that the license will change, and the framework could have breaking changes until it reaches v1.0, check out the changelog page or the roadmap to see the current version.

New features - v0.2.6

Custom Entity Builder

Biggest update since v0.0.1!

  • Properties: TEXT, NUMBER, DATE, ENTITY, MEDIA, and SELECT field types.
  • Rows - Tenant entity rows, e.g. Employee EMP-0001, EMP-0002...
  • Views and Forms - Autogenerated views and forms at /app/:tenant/:entity.
  • API - Autogenerated API with GET (all), GET (id), POST, PUT, and DELETE methods.
  • Events - Created, Updated, and Deleted events.
  • Webhooks - Connect with other apps with Zapier (or your current services).
  • Workflow - UNDER CONSTRUCTION 🚧.

Custom Entity Builder

Learn more about this.

Per-seat Pricing Model

Now you can set up your pricing with the PER_SEAT pricing model in mind.

Per-seat Pricing Model

Learn more about this.


Added the /documentation page with lots of pages:

  • Getting Started: Stack, Roadmap, Changelog, License, Community
  • Product: Features and Components
  • Learning Center: Tutorials and Quick Guides
  • Core Models: Account, Subscription, and Custom Entity models


Check out the documentation

New Landing Page

Added new sections:

  • Testimonials (with social proof using GitHub API)
  • Upcoming Features
  • Pricing CTA
  • Newsletter (using ConvertKit)

Upcoming Features


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